2013-11-15 12.55.51

MS 308-Mac Volumizer Mascara NEW!!come with new design

Detail : Mascara MAC with 2 Step that helps lashes grow stronger

while visibly adding length and volume 

Borong : RM10X6pc


2013-11-15 12.53.55

MS 279 -MAC Mascara  Lady Gaga  Liquid  June 2013

Borong : RM8.80 X 6pc

Pen gedar : RM9.80 X6pc

MS 273-MAC Ionic Mascara 

Borong : RM7.50x6pc

Pengedar : RM8.50 X 6pc

(Flexible Brush)


Borong : RM7 x6pc (RM42)

Pengedar : RM8 x6pc (RM48)

MAYBELLINE Mascara XXL(Blue Color)

Borong : RM7 x6pc (RM42)

Pengedar : RM8 x6pc (RM48)


MS 294-MAC Zebra Mascara 

with Micro Fibres Formula

Borong : RM6.50×6

Pengedar: RM7x6

EY 317- MAC SEXY Black Waterproof  NEW!! Offer RM7

Borong : RM8 X6pc

Pengedar : RM9 x6pc

MS 314- MAC Magic Mascara (Waterproof) SOLD OUT
Borong : RM8x6pc
Pengedar : RM9x6pc 


Borong : RM8 X6pc

Pengedar : RM9x6pc

MS 324-MAC Mascara Rose 

Borong : RM8X6

Pengedar: RM9 x6

2013-11-15 12.51.28

MS 325-MAC Mascara Angelina Jolie

Borong : RM9 X3

Pengedar : RM10x3

MS 326- MAC Lasting Waterproof Mascara

Details : Super Curl Perfect, Longlasting, Curve Brush

Borong : RM9.80 (min 3pcs-6pcs)


MS 327- MAC Look In A Box Mascara 

Detail : Waterproof, Glamorous Design,  Zoom Lash

Borong : RM10 (min.3pcs-6pcs)

MS 328- MAC Extension Waterproof Mascara

Detail : with Fibers,  can make your eyelash look longer and perfect     

Borong : RM9.80 (min.3pcs-6pcs)

2013-11-15 12.56.35

MS 329- MAC Zoom Lash Mascara NEW!!

Detail : Waterproof, Glamorous Design,  Zoom Lash

Borong : RM10 (min. 6pcs)

MS 336 – MAC Golden Opulash Mascara 

Borong : RM7X6pc

Pengedar : RM8X6pc

EY 337 – MISS ROSE Eyeliner/Lipliner Pencil Colorful Sold out

Borong : RM20/dozen

pengedar : RM25/dozen

MS 338- MAC Soldier Mascara 

Borong : RM7  X3pc

Pengedar : RM8X3pc

MS 339- MAC Eye Lash Mascara 

Borong : RM6.50x3pc

Pengedar : RM7x3pc

MS 340 – Mac Love Mascara 

Borong : RM7 X3pc

Pengedar : RM8X3pc

MS 341-MAC Ladygaga Mascara 

Berus lengkung (curl brush)

Borong : RM8 X3pc

Pengedar : RM8.5x3pc

MS 342- MAC Magnum Volum Express 

Borong: RM7X3pc

Pengedar: RM8X3pc


MS 344- MAC Red Ladygaga Mascara NEW

Borong : RM8


MS 345- MAC Mascara Diamond Gold NEW

(Click image for large pic.)

Borong : RM8 (Min. 3pc)


 MR 28-MISS Rose Mascara Fashion (1st Pic.)

Borong : RM6.50 (min. 3pc)

MR29-MISS ROSE Waterproof Mascara (2nd Pic.)

Borong : RM7

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