New product Powder/Foundation- 9 Jan 2013

mac foundation

FD 310- MAC Foundation SPF 25

Borong : RM9 (min. 3pc)


CP 308- MAC Studio Tech Powder NEW

Borong : RM7.50 (min. 3pcs)


CP 309- MAC Over Me 4 in 1 powder NEW

Borong : RM12 (min. 3pcs)

Wholesale Mac Cosmetics Concealer

CL 311- MAC Concealer 2 in 1 (liquid +stick) NEW

Borong : RM10 (min. 3pcs)

Mac Powdery Bottom 2 IN 1

FD 312- MAC Soldier Photogenic Foundation 2 in 1 NEW

Borong : RM15

mac ladygaga foundation

FD 313- MAC Ladygaga liquid Foundation NEW

Borong : RM8.50


FD 314 – Maybelline BB Cream NEW

Clear Smooth Mineral

Borong : RM6 (min. 3pc)


FD315 – Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid + Maybelline Clear Smooth +Loreal BB Whitening Perfect NEW

Borong : RM18 / set (Dapat 3pc untuk setiap jenis BB)


MAC Loose Powder NEW

Borong : RM9 (min.3pc)


POND’S  Powder NEW

Borong : RM5 (min.3pcs can mix)


Miss Rose Tiub Foundation NEW

Borong : RM8 (min.3pcs)


Kiss Beauty Stick Foundation NEW

Borong : RM10 (min. 3pcs)


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