New Mac Mascara/Eyeliner-25 Apr 2012

MS 338- MAC Soldier Mascara NEW

Borong : RM7  X3pc

Pengedar : RM8X3pc

MS 339- MAC Eye Lash Mascara NEW

Borong : RM6.50x3pc

Pengedar : RM7x3pc

MS 340 – Mac Love Mascara NEW

Borong : RM7 X3pc

Pengedar : RM8X3pc

MS 341-MAC Ladygaga Mascara NEW

Berus lengkung (curl brush)

Borong : RM7 X3pc

Pengedar : RM8x3pc

MS 342- MAC Magnum Volum Express NEW

Borong: RM7X3pc

Pengedar: RM8X3pc

MS 343-MAC Marcel Wonder Liquid Eyeliner NEW

Berus keras, waterproof

Borong: RM6X3pc

Pengedar : RM7X3pc

MS 344-MAC Soldier Liquid Eyeliner NEW

Berus keras , waterproof

Borong: RM6X3pc

Pengedar : RM7X3pc

MS 345-MAC Love Liquid Eyeliner NEW

berus keras, waterproof

Borong: RM6X3pc

Pengedar : RM7X3pc

MS 346-MAC Polka dot Liquid Eyeliner NEW

berus keras, waterproof

Borong: RM6X3pc

Pengedar : RM7X3pc


Miss Rose

MR10 – kAJAL Eyeliner

Borong : RM6X3pc

MR11- 18 col Eyeshadow

Borong: RM8 X3pc

warna eyeshadow lekat dan tahan lama

MR12- Miss  Rose Eyeshasdow+ blusher +powder

MR12A- Miss Rose Eyeshadow + Blusher

Borong : RM8.50 X3pc

*boleh mix MR12 & MR12A

MR13- Miss rose true match foundation

Borong : RM8 x3pc

MR14-Miss Rose pallet eyeshadow

Borong :RM39 each

MR15-Miss Rose true match -gold

Untuk memberi impak shining agar anda kelihatan berbeza dan berkilau bak permata.

sesuai untuk party/event

Borong: RM9 x 3pc

MISS ROSE Cosmetic

Salam…atas permintaan ramai, kami ada berita baik buat peminat brand Miss Rose..Kualiti barang baik dan harga yang rendah mampu di jual dengan keuntungan yang tinggi. Cara order mail kami code item ke Borong sahaja & serious buyer only!! minima setiap item kena ambil 3pcs kecuali eyeshadow pallet

MR  01 – Miss Rose Creamy Eyeliner

Borong : RM7 X3pc

MR 02 – MISS Rose Liquid eyeliner

Borong : RM6x3 

MR 03-Miss Rose Eyeliner color Pencil

Borong : RM20/ set

MR 04-Miss Rose Cream Blusher

Borong : RM8 x3pc

MR 05 -MISS Rose Eyeshadow Pallet 72 col.

Borong : RM45 each

MR 06-Miss Rose Eyeshadow pallet 108 col.

Borong: RM50 each

MR 07- Miss Rose 48 color baked Eyeshadow

Borong : RM28

MR 08 – Miss Rose 48 col. 3D Eyeshadow

Borong : RM25

Benefit Cosmetic


untuk semua pemborong. ada berita baik..Jenama Benefit Cosmetic dah sampai..kualiti yang sangat bagus dan agak sedikit mahal dari Mac. Harga kat bawah ni semua harga borong. Nak order, minima borong RM300. Tak cukup modal? Nak order benefit ja pon boleh, minima RM150 borong (x termasuk postage). Boleh mix . No minimum qty order for each code ( for benefit brand & Serious buyer Only!)

Code : Bf 01 – Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

Borong : RM25

Industrial Strength Concealer. Natural color only

How to Apply:

With fingertip, dab boi-ing on the darkest areas you want to target…underneath each eye, at the inner corners by the bridge of your nose, or over any other flaws. Pat gently outward to blend.

Code : Bf 02 – Benefit Coralista Blush

Borong : RM25

warm coral-pink cheek powder blush

How to Apply:

Swirl brush in the box & blow off excess. Smile & brush lightly across the apples of your cheeks, starting from the hairline and working in. Then lightly dust over high point of face for that touch of sunshine!



Code : Bf 03 – Benefit Smokin’ Eyes Make Up kit

Borong : RM40

sexy eye & brow makeover kit

This complete eye and brow kit has everything you need for that sexy, smoky look. Now even amateurs can go pro! Colors are buildable for extra drama. Ideal for travel or the girl on the go!



Code Bf 04 -Benefit PLAY Sticks Foundation

Borong : RM30

A cream to powder foundation stick that helps promote a healthy complexion while giving natural-looking coverage. 

Play sticks are perfect for fast, easy coverage: concealer & foundation 

Code Bf 05 -Benefit Lipgloss

Borong : RM12 (kena ambik 3pcs minima)

Ultra Shines..dazzling lip glosses drench your lips in brilliant shine and a burst of juicy color that’s never sticky.

Just one stroke will give you glimmering, shimmering lips!


Code Bf 06 -Benefit Lipliner

Borong : RM15

Perfect Lipliner


Code Bf 07- Benetint

Borong : RM25

rose-tinted lip & cheek stain

original rose-tinted stain is kiss-proof, see-through color for lips & cheeks that lasts for hours. Naturally sheer & sexy on all complexions…it’s innocent yet provocative.


Code Bf 08- Benefit High Beam

Borong : RM25

pink liquid highlighter accents cheek & brow bones for a radiant glow. Use as a spot highlighter or delicately blend all over your complexion. Looks perfectly radiant on all skintones

How to apply :

Dot and blend over makeup on to cheek and brow bones, or anywhere you want a glance to linger.


Code Bf 09- Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Kit

Borong : RM40

Why we love it

This little kit is all you need to line, define and contour your eyes like a pro.

This kit contains: boi-ing medium, industrial-strength concealer, alabaster pink base shadow, cocoa shimmer contour shadow, rich chocolate brown liner shadow, two brushes for easy application and an illustrated, step-by-step professional makeup lesson.


Code Bf 10- Benefit Bad Gal Mascara

Borong : RM40

Why we love it

Sexy, sultry, pure unadulterated black mascara for full, voluminous lashes. It’s as BAD as you want to be! Famously big, bodacious brush coats lashes with our super black formula.


EY 276 – 24 Col. eyeshadow NEW!!

Borong : RM 28 x3pc

Ada 4 col.


EY277 – MAC Eyeshadow + blusher NEW!!

Borong : RM26 X3pc

Ada 4 color

EY 278 – MAC 16 Col. Round Eyeshadow NEW!!

Borong : RM 19 X3pc

Ada 4 col.


EY279- MAC 12 Col. Strip-flower Eyeshadow NEW!!

Borong : RM12 X3pc

EY 280 – MAC 10 Col. NEW!!

Borong : RM11 x3pc