NEW Product April 2011

EY 312-MAC Eyeliner Colorful 2 in 1 NEW!

Can use for eyeshadow+eyeliner

Borong : RM20 (6pcs)

               : RM30 (12pcs)

Pengedar : RM25 (6pc)

EY 311-MAC Eyeliner Putih NEW

Borong : RM20 x6pcs

                  : RM30 X12pcs

 Pengedar : RM25/6pcs

EY 313- MANSHILI Mascara new

volume glamour mascara ultra-volumateur
– black
– Top make up by top brand
– extra long lasting

Borong : RM6 x6pcs

Pengedar : RM7x6pcs 

EL 303 -DIOR Eyeliner Gold (Waterproof) NEW!

Borong : RM6

Pengedar : RM6.50

EL304- MAC Eyeliner Black waterproof NEW!!

Borong : RM6

Pengedar : RM6.50


Borong : RM8

Pengedar : RM9.50

MS307-MAC Mascara Glam  NEW!! 

Borong : RM10X6pc

Borong : RM11X3

MS 308-Mac Volumizer Mascara NEW!!LARISS

Detail : Mascara MAC with 2 Step that helps lashes grow stronger

while visibly adding length and volume 

Borong : RM10X6pc

Borong : RM11X6pc

MS 309-MAC Orange Metallic Mascara NEW!! Lariss

Details :Longlash Mascara

Borong : RM9 X6pc

Borong : RM10X3pc

BL248- 3 IN 1 BLUSHER (with brush) NEW!! Lariss

Borong : RM13 x6

Pengedar : RM15 x6

BL249- MAC Diamond Blush ( with Brush) NEW!Lariss

Borong : RM6.50

Pengedar: RM7.00

BL250-MAC Mini Blusher NEW!! Lariss

Borong : RM5 x6pc

pengedar: RM6x6pc

BR06- MAC 32pc Brush Set NEW!!

Borong : RM72 X3pc

Pakej Pengedar: RM78 X3pc

EY216-8 COL Fashion Eyeshadow NEW

Borong : RM12X6

Pengedar : RM13x6

EY217-12 COL. MAC Cross Eyeshadow NEW!

Borong : RM13.50 x6

pengedar : RM14 x6

EY206-6 Col. Lady Gaga Eyeshadow NEW! Lariss

Borong  : RM10 X6

Pengedar:RM11.50 X6

FD 291- MAC FASHION 3 IN 1 NEW!!Lariss

Borong : RM12 X6

Pengedar: RM13X6


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